About Us

Mission – Here at EliteCandids, we strive to stick true to our name. We offer only the most elite, top quality content you will ever see in the candid world. Quality over quantity. You will not see sub-par “filler” content just for the sake of quantity, where sites upload 1 great video, 2 good videos, followed 7 sub-par videos. We could, but we won’t. We aim for jaw-dropping, absolutely ridiculous “must see” once in a lifetime content. Most of the content on this site will be the absolute best you have EVER seen, and a must have addition to your own candid collections.

Uploads – We upload content organized under “Collections”. We don’t upload single videos at a time. About once a month – month and a half, we will drop a full collection of about 10 videos. While we will always aim to hit these metrics, we reserve the right to modify or alter upload frequency and amount as needed.

Membership – We offer FULL SITE ACCESS membership (all non-recurring) for a month duration at a time. This means you immediately have access to all current collections, and any new collections that may be released within your 1 month membership time frame.

Refunds – Due to the nature of the memberships giving you immediate access, there will be no refunds issued under any circumstances. All memberships are final.

Copyright – All material seen on elitecandids.com is copyrighted material, and you may not share, post, upload to other sites, etc., without my express written consent. If you are caught doing so, you will receive a lifetime ban from the site, even if you’ve purchased a membership.